Sam Bezzant

🚀 Full-Stack Software Engineer

I work with the web

📜 About me

Based in Beaverton Oregon, I have a background in business. I am passionate about accessibility, Agile software development, education and React. New technology, libraries and frameworks capture my imagination.

I value critical thinking with an impulsivity to remove bugs before production. A passionate dedication to perfection coupled with integrity guided by a moral compass is what defines me.

Tech stack:
Frontend: React.js, Redux, Hooks, Context API, Jest, Cypress, Yum, Axios, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ant Design, NextJS, TailwindCSS, Figma, Less, Three.JS, Whimsical
Backend: Node.js, Express, SQL, PostgreSQL,, Postico, Docker, Python, Git CLI, GitHub, Vercel, Heroku,, Netlify, Vite
Expertise: Agile, Algorithms, Architecture, Debugging, Deployment

👩🏽‍🚀 Projects

CoderHeroes, Full-Stack Developer, Technical Project Manager

I am currently a technical project manager for this project. I have focused my team on the interdepartmental notes system. We have created this feature from the ground up using Whimsical and Figma for our designs and organizing our progress with Agile methodologies. Our progresses have been tracked using the Trello kanban boards.
During our daily stand up meetings we have scoped out the sprint's objectives and confirmed progress and direction with the stakeholders and our managers at sprint product reviews.
Using React and associated libraries, we have created an interactive notes system designed to streamline important communications with quick view priority levels and subject and an updatable resolution status. We have styled the designs with multiple libraries and CSS to make the user flow cohesive and easy to use.
Using PostgreSQL, we have created migrations with the Knex library to add persistence on a server level. We've created a RESTful API using Node.js with necessary middleware protecting our CRUD endpoints in our notes routers to add, edit, and delete notes

NASA Photo Generator, Frontend Developer UX/UI
NASA Photo Generator

Queries the NASA photo of the day api with random pic generation and dark/light theme toggle using hooks. Implementation of themes, inline component styles coupled with beautiful subject matter makes this app a joy to interact with.

Potluck Planner, Frontend Developer

Established UI for React app that facilitates potluck planning using React, with CSS and HTML for styling, and event handlers to maintain UI in event of default Utilized Yup for login form validation Stored JWT using use effects, allowing user-specific access through private routes established with react router dom Managed state via React Established middleware using Axios with Auth, allowing data to flow between frontend and backend

🏆 Accomplishments

Bloom Institute of Technology Full-Stack Software Engineering Certificate June 2022

National Career Readiness Certificate - Platinum 2015

The best way out is always through
-Robert Frost

Work History


April 2022 - Present
Full-stack developer, Technical project manager. Implementing parent, admin and student workflows based on Figma design using Agile develoment. Implemented Okta authentication.

Telecare Corporation

Portland, Or - Residential Counselor 2021 - Present
Increased billable events by 275% by providing counseling and support to residents transitioning to self-sufficiency Slashed expenditures on medication by implementing an efficient inventory management system

Automotive Refinishing Technician

Freelance Various Locations, Oregon City, OR - Collision Technician 2010 - 2021 Implemented environmentally friendly waterborne paint system while staying up to date on industry changes and new technology Maintained highly productive commission based production schedule Sustained ongoing Continuing Education certification pertaining to relevant technologies and industry changes

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